Wirecard is a Germany based global financial services company that focuses on credit and debit card processing services. It claims to be one of the leading full-service providers in global electronic payments.

It offers multi-currency processing across many countries. Payments are taken through a secure Wirecard payment page which means that merchants don’t need full PCI certification.

The payment page is more advanced than that provided by many other processors. It is retailer specific and can implement a range of payment processes including immediate and deferred debits, recurring payments and subscriptions, and multiple payments based on a single authorisation. There is also integration for back-end processes.


Wirecard provides services to around 14,000 businesses.

In 2013 the company had 1,025 employees, up from 674 in 2012. Year an year growth has been reported since 2004

What’s Offered?

Multinational credit and debit card processing. The service includes:

  • All established European payment methods can be accepted
  • International risk management

Pricing information is provided only on application.

Wirecard Review

Wirecard is an attractive payment solution for many businesses. It main advantage is its highly customisable payments page which offers much of the functionality of a fully integrated Payment gateway while being much easier to implement and not requiring the merchant to have PCI DSS compliance.

For businesses that wish to have the facility for multi-currency and cross-border credit card processing that is easy to implement, it would appear to be the ideal solution.