Sagepay Merchant Account reviewSagePay online banking services help more than 45,000 customers process payments at low costs. They have an easy to use payment gateway and no monthly fees for their merchant services. In turn, SagePay also have a number of software solutions to help customers integrate their business with their payment gateway, with lower transaction fees and a variety of payment options.

To help decide how well SagePay’s merchant account services are received by customers, it is important to consider a number of online reviews and compare the results between them.

Reviews at

SagePay has an excellent score of 9.2 out of 10 on this site, with almost uniform praise for their services. One customer states that SagePay has “probably the best customer service and support I’ve had from any company”, and another mentions that the service is “easy to use” and has “helpful staff”. Most customers praise SagePay’s customer services which are generally considered to be friendly, helpful and efficient.

Other customers suggest that the “monthly fees are very reasonable… considering the support is around the clock” and that they “rely on [the customer support] with confidence”.

Another customer mentions that they had “some minor teething problems” when integrating their online eShop, but the SagePay technician “gave [him] excellent over the phone training” on their transactions system.

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Reviews at

SagePay have received less favourable feedback on this forum. A number of customers complain about “payment pages not loading” which resulted in a “sea of red failed orders”. Indeed, another member states that SagePay had stopped “responding to support e-mails” and another person states that they are “jumping ship” to another company “that is able to provide the services (they) pay for and expect”.

Further issues relate to problems with SagePay’s services with the payment page timing out which resulted in many customers leaving and “never coming back”. This, along with page timeouts, was said to cause businesses to lose money.

Reviews at

The reviewer here considers SagePay to have a good reputation and to provide a “completely secure service that protects your customers and your liability”. A number of benefits are mentioned such as SagePay allowing a customer to “customise every stage of the customer’s process” and also customising a website to “keep everything seamless within your brand”.

Furthermore, the reviewer integrated their business website easily with SagePay and “found it easier than most providers” as well as more secure due to data encryption features.

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Review at

SagePay is highly regarded on this site, with praise for its “dependable and cost efficient payment solutions” combined with “speedy and secure transfer of money from a client to the business owner”. The reviewer also commends SagePay’s “reliable software for your accounting needs” and the “user friendly” payment options that are provided.

Other features mentioned include SagePay’s “preventative measures against fraudulent transactions online” and “dependable and cost efficient payment solutions” for fast and secure money transfers.

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Reviews Round Up

All this evidence shows that SagePay is generally considered to be a top provider of online banking services. Most customers and reviewers highly commend their customer support services, and also their security and anti-fraud measures.

Further praise relates to SagePay’s easy to use software and seamless integration with a business network, along with various customisation options which allow the service to be tailored to specific business needs.

However, a number of customers have complained about various problems related to payment time outs as well as problems with integration which have resulted in loss of money, and have subsequently found different banking providers.