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Nochex are a dedicated online payment solutions company, providing merchant account services for both UK businesses and businesses around the world.

Nochex Merchant Account Fees

They offer two different merchant accounts, giving great flexibility to their customers, who are typically micro, small and medium sized enterprises. Both the trader account and the merchant account offer online transaction processing with extensive shopping basket compatibility, with the merchant account offering multi-currency handling and greater transaction limits. Nochex has recently branched out by offering recurring payment and telephone payment services.

They offer low transaction rates, no monthly or annual fees and a payment gateway is included. Their funds are made instantly available and the payment page can be customised with a client’s brand, with further security measures such as 3D Secure and PCI Level 1.

Both Nochex accounts use 3D secure technology to ensure transactions are processed safely and securely; Nochex makes no extra charge for providing 3D Secure. Nochex are also a very cost effective option, with prices of just 20 pence plus a small value percentage per transaction.

On the down side, they do not offer face-to-face payments, and they subsidise their low cost services by including advertising on their payment pages. Some customers are asked to keep a small holding amount, usually less than £100 to cover chargebacks, which can impact small businesses, especially start-ups.

Nochex Reviews

To determine whether Nochex provide a good service in terms of their merchant accounts, here we will compare a number of Nochex reviews from around the internet.

Reviews at

A number of people on this forum consider Nochex to have some issues regarding their services. One person mentions that although Nochex “offer a free set up… [their] maximum transaction charge is £100 so (is) no use if you sell higher value items”, and they further state that Nochex “charge more for small turnovers or riskier trades”. A former customer of Nochex also complains that they “kept the first £1000 from (their) sales as a retainer” and when they told Nochex they wanted to close the account it took “almost 7 months to get (their) money from them”.

However, another customer contradicts these more negative opinions by stating that “Nochex transaction limits are not set at £100”, that their “transaction limit was higher” and that they had none of the problems mentioned by others. Furthermore, a different member states: “I have used Nochex for 5 years and have no complaints” and that “you can have the maximum charge altered if you discuss… your requirements”.

Reviews at

Nochex has received a very low 3.8 out of 10 score collated from 19 reviews. One customer describes their service as “awful” and that they have collected “£1,800 of [their] money in [their] account [and] they freeze the account and close it [with] no warning”. In addition, this customer complains that “these guys don’t pick up phone”? and that they have “probably [phoned] the Nochex customer support line 100 times [with] no answer ever”.

Another customer complains that their “credit card processing pages [were] littered with advertising” and that the “system constantly kept going down, and despite emailing/calling 30 + times, got no response whatsoever”. One reviewer states that there are “no contact numbers and no way [of] closing your account with them” along with “no option to remove credit card details should you wish to” and they advise to “avoid a company that is unwilling to provide telephone contact”.

However, another customer states that they “never had a problem in 12 months” and that “support contact has been good”. Yet another gives Nochex a five star review, saying that: “I have dealt with Nochex for some time and always found them helpful. (They) provide… good service”.

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Reviews at

The overall response to Nochex’s service is very poor on this website with an average 1.5 / 5 score from 52 reviews. A number of reviewers claim that Nochex charge them money to simply “verify the account and do not return” the money afterwards. Other customers complain that there are “no phone numbers available” to contact Nochex or an address and that they are “not regulated by the FSA” which means they can “do whatever they like with your account”.

Another reviewer states that Nochex’s service is “dreadful” and warns people to “steer clear”, while another former customer states that they had “no problems at all” for a year and then they “logged onto the Nochex site only to find… Nochex… had a policy of no longer supporting (their) type of website… (and) no way for (them) to access the funds in (their) account”.

Nochex Reviews Round Up

These reviews reveal that Nochex are not well received by their customers online. Customers complain of almost non-existent service and that Nochex are difficult to contact.

Although a few customers have reported receiving good service from Nochex, the majority have complained of accounts being closed for no reason, money being held for several months at a time, and also problems with their system software and website.