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Does your business accept card payments?

75.5% of all retail spending is now made with credit or debit cards, and that figure is forecast to rise substantially over the next 10 years.1

For businesses to remain competitive they must accept card payments, but first they need to set up a merchant account.

With this in mind, choosing the best merchant account for your business is something that cannot be left to chance.

What is a merchant account?What is a Merchant Account?

If you are completely new to merchant accounts – get started with our best merchant account guide, which  walks you through the pros and cons of nine major merchant account providers in the UK, helping you to make the right choice.

Which is best for me?Which one is best for me?

We’ve written guides which cover a lot of the common questions about merchant accounts. For example, you can find out which merchant account is best for credit cards or the best merchant account if you have bad credit. You can also find advice about credit card machines for small businesses.


We compare the top merchant account providers to give you a frank and honest overview of what they actually offer. Check out our reviews section for the full list.